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Incubators & Poultry Equipment

Multiquip is a specialist provider of equipment to both the commercial poultry equipment market and the hobby poultry farmers and bird fanciers. Multiquip Brand incubators have remained at the top of the Australian Market for over 25 years. Commitment to continually improve the technology and design of these incubators and poultry equipment, together with a clear understanding of the requirements of the market, help Multiquip equipment stay at the leading edge of manufacturers within Australia. This leading edge of incubation technology and quality has lead to Multiquip exporting products to both Asia and Europe. 

What we do

  • Multiquip Incubators
  • Multiquip Hatchers
  • Electronic Thermostats & Spare Parts
  • Brooder Shades
  • Feeders & Drinkers
  • Hobby Processing Equipment
  • Farm equipment
  • Hatchery Construction and Equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Established equipment developed for over 30 years.
  • Manufactured by people who operate commercial operations within the poultry industry. We know and understand the products we are manufacturing and selling
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Equipment is available world wide


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