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Commercial Hatchery

Multiquip have constructed a state of the art commercial poultry hatchery at Maldon (Picton) NSW. This facility has been established with the most up to date incubation and automation equipment available. The hatchery is equipped with the HatchTech MicroClimer setters and hatchers. Together with HatchTech, Multiquip has installed all suggested heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. This collaboration has led to outstanding results and excellent chick quality.

The hatchery commenced commercial operations December 2012. The hatchery facility hatches millions of chickens per month and the location is highly desirable to service not only the Sydney market but regional areas of the country.

This is a contract hatchery for large chicken producing companies, Multiquip are contracted to incubate the eggs, hatch them into day old chicks and deliver these to the chicken growing farms. This hatchery is the second largest in Australia and services farms in NSW, VIC & SA.

What we do

  • Storage of fertile eggs
  • Hatching & Incubation of poultry eggs
  • Vaccination, and sorting
  • Transport to the growing farms

Features & Benefits

  • Up to date incubation technology allowing for the highest possible hatch rates
  • Highly automated facility
  • Delivery by modern chicken transport equipment

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